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Thermaltake Notebook Cooler Review

Thermaltake Notebook Cooler Review

Thermaltake Notebook Cooler

The Thermaltake CLN0009 Massive23 ST Notebook Cooler is one of the most amazing products in the market. At a very reasonable price you can get a product with great specifications, which are listed below. Also, we will review all its features to provide you with quaily review of this cooler, which can help you to make the right choice when you are looking to purchase a cooling pad for your laptop.

Product Specifications:

This notebook cooler has only one really very quiet fan to cool down your laptop, but its rotating speed and power are really enough to reduce the heat generated from the different components. Here is a detailed table of its specifications:

Product nameThermaltake CLN0009 Massive23 ST Notebook Cooler
Dimension (W / H / D)13 x 2.5 x 19.5 inches
Fan Speed600 ± 200 RPM
USB Portsn/a
PowerUSB 5V DC
Weight2.5 pounds
Compatibilityup to 17'' laptop
  • Very proper combination between size, materials used and design
  • Only ultra-light weight ABS plastic materials are used
  • USB powered cooler which eliminates the heavy AC adapter

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Pros and Cons of the Notebook Cooler


The fan of the Thermaltake Notebook Cooler is very stylish one and it works so beautifully. The notebook cooler has many ports with huge size and on your big laptop it sits very comfortably. The off switch is there and the blue LED works when the fan remains on. The notebook cooler is not so expensive and works well. Due to this fact we highly recommended its usage. It can keep your laptop at fifty five degrees centigrade to sixty degrees centigrade when it works in a ventilated room.


The switch is poorly built considering the quality of the rest of the product. It would be much better if it was adjustable. So overall it functions well but lacks flexibility and needs to have all of the wiring not exposed.


The results here are based on our detailed research through the specifications of the product and its reviews by happy customers. The diagram shown below defines the customer satisfaction rate (each individual feature of the cooling pad may take a value from 1 to 100):

Manufacturing Quality
Cooling Power
Overall %

As conclusion we can add that this notebook cooler has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other product available at the market today, but we definitely encourage you to give it a try, because in our humble opinion based on our experience in the cooling pads and the overall product specifications this is one of the most reliable cooling pads that can be purchased.

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Thermaltake Massive23 ST Notebook Cooler
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